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Destination Newport!

We've all seen the endless heatwave news this year for a huge swath of our country… the hottest summer in the recorded history of our planet! And it’s not just the record heat… extreme and unpredictable weather events, drought, ocean water temps too hot for a swim to escape from the humidity and heat. And if you were pondering a destination wedding in any of those states affected by this situation, you are more than worried! We can sympathize with you! We lived in Myrtle Beach for 10 years, and a few years after in Florida, in Bradenton Beach and Cocoa Beach, and that was before the crazy heat and unpredictable severe weather times that we seem to be entering into.


And don’t get me going about hurricanes, drunk people on golf carts, the brain eating amoeba and the rise of leprosy in Florida (and the negativity towards people of color and LGBT couples). 

So stop worrying because we have a solution for you! Have your Destination Wedding in Newport, Rhode Island, the City by the Sea! No heatwave here… just cool ocean breezes, perfect water temperatures, fine and varied New England dining, lots historical places to see from the Gilded Age Mansions to sailing and yachting museums, sunset sailing cruises, lazy beach days, and Don and Kat Beach to marry you.. and to photograph you looking awesome while you say your vows to each other! 


And the comfortable weather doesn’t always end in October! In fact we are big believers in an endless summer, and are now offering an Endless Summer Elopement Package

No brain eating amoeba! Just happy people eating clam cakes and chowda!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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