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Wedding Ceremonies, Your Way!

There are wedding ceremonies, and then there are ceremonies with Elope to Newport Weddings! 

And by that, I mean, ceremonies that are fun, romantic, human, comfortable and painless. They are exciting and more than stand there and git er done. They are a celebration that you've found the needle in the haystack and not another piece of straw! 

What do I mean?


Do get so nervous about saying vows that a root canal would be preferable? Or do you want to express your intense love for your partner with more than words? How about this idea... in place of spoken vows, I can play a song for you individually or one song for both of you and you can have a slow dance together while singing the words in each other's ear. Romantic! 

Other options that I offer... (and you'll have to Contact me to ask for details. Too may idea thieves out there to give away the ranch on a website!

Seaglass Ceremony.. sea glass represents being tossed overboard, broken into pieces and and being rediscovered on the Great Beach of Life by your one true love! 

Other ideas include;

Ocean Drum Blessing ... 

Wedding Ring Warming

Horseshoe Ceremony

Chinese Finger Ceremony

Honey Ceremony

Gifts of the Sea Necklace Ceremony

Dave Letterman's top 10 reasons to get married

Dave Letterman's top 10 reasons to stay single!

My own unique sand ceremony for beach weddings

Reiki and Native American energy traditions

Fun and creative ways to include children

My unique Negotiation Ceremony where you appoint proxies to haggle and bargain over the terms of your marriage! (FUN!)

Photo Artistic options with our photo packages.. images turned into paintings!

And of course we are open your ideas as well! 

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