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Vow Renewal Ceremonies in 
Newport, RI

Newport Beach Vow Renewal

Anniversaries and Vow Renewals

(Or, how do you keep your marriage warm?)



The answer to that is easy: add some hot romance!

How many couples have you seen sitting at a wonderful restaurant, each staring off into space, silently lost in their own thoughts, each an isolated island in a potential sea of romance! Perhaps this might be you.

How could this have happened? Life happens! We all get stuck in the daily grind of married life and things start to pile up .. and if you don't make an effort to inject some love, humor, and more love and more humor, it can be a drag!


















Your wedding day was a wonderful occasion, filled with love. But the courtship shouldn't end after the wedding ceremony. 


It should continue for all of your years together. What better way to rekindle some of that romance than to find the time in your busy lives to tell each other how you feel in a very special way; that you still love that special "other person" more today than ever!

So what can you do?


Whether it be an anniversary, a special occasion, or just a last minute impulse, show your love in this special (and spiritual) way.

You can repeat the words you exchanged together once upon a time, or create something new. We can have this happen at sunset at the beach, (or sunrise), in a garden or park, or in your own backyard. It can be just the two of you, or in the presence of the people you most love.


I truly believe that true love just gets better with age. And afterwards many couples (and guests) have commented on how surprisingly romantic it all felt! You took the time to really see your beloved (something we forget to do in our busy lives), and realized what a gift they are to you. And the loving feelings get spread around to everyone witnessing your ceremony, perhaps for them to apply to their own marriages!


Wedding vow renewal ceremonies can be as creative and personal as you want them to be. Walk (or dance) down the aisle of beach sand together to special music, or walk out to “your song”. Let the cover of your invitation feature your grandchild’s favorite drawing of Gramma and Grampa or even your first wedding portrait. Play your original wedding video at your reception. Buy new wedding bands for the occasion and have them specially engraved, or reenergize your original ones. (We have a special way to do that during your ceremony!)

It is a wonderful example to set for your children and grandchildren. Can you imagine a more beautiful scene than children watching their parents joining hands and hearts as they reaffirm the timeless and enduring strength of their love? What an incredible life/love lesson, and beautiful reminder of the love that created and sustains those children (and maybe grandchildren)! They will see the very love that created them rededicated and renewed in front of their eyes, and in our new world of tension, anger and uncertainty, what better thing to do for not only yourselves, but for your families?

Your Vow Renewal ceremony should be less formal than a wedding – more casual and fun. It can completely reflect the two of you.  You can even have a quick and fun episode of “This is your life” during the ceremony by having children or family members offer a verbal tour of your marriage from their point of view!


As lovers of all those wonderful things we humans can do together, a renewal and rededication of your feelings and commitment to that one special person doesn’t have to wait for an anniversary! Had a rough stretch together, or gone through some hard times? Or just feeling grateful to have this person in your life, and want to tell them how much you love them… love is spoken here!

Ask us for some examples of vow renewal ceremonies that we offer, from renewals by the sea, baby boomer vows, and our very simple and romantic ceremony wording just for couples like you. All of them are comfortable, fun, definitely not stuffy, painless, and just plain awesome!


And who better to photograph this special moment and feelings than me! With very affordable officiant/photography packages, simply have me do the work because at the risk of sounding corny... it's truly a labor of love for me. And I offer a great (and very unique) selection of fun and romantic ceremonies and vows specially composed just for vow renewals by the sea!

Vow renewal by the sea
Newport Intimate Vow Renewal

Contact me today to set up a date for your Rhode Island Wedding Vow Renewal!

You can even "elope" to the seacoast for a romantic getaway, you silly impetuous kids!

Not looking for an expensive and hassle-filled experience, but that seacoast weekend still sounds intriguing?


Consider an off season getaway for the just two of you. The off-season hotel and resort rates are unbelievable! This can also be a wonderful surprise gift idea for each other, for your parents, friends, or family! Call or e-mail today before you change your mind!

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