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Why Hire Us?

That is a good question! After all, there are dozens of wedding businesses in the Rhode Island area, and as always, some of them are cheaper, and some are more expensive than me.

So, ask yourself some questions..

Are they really excited about your wedding? Or are you just another client to them.

Are you excited about having them perform your ceremony and your photography?

Are they easy to communicate with, and do they get back to you quickly? Or are they so busy doing 6 or 7 weddings per day that you just get lost in the scrum?

Will your wedding ceremony be generic and plain brown wrapper boilerplate like you've probably heard many times before, or something unique, fun, romantic, and special?

And last but not least... We offer something that few if any other wedding vendors want to bother with: Officiant AND Photography combined into affordable packages!

apples to oranges

Some words to describe our services .. right on groovy amazing awesome awesome sauce badass cool excellent kickass splendid sweet wicked woot awesome far out peachy keen cool beans wicked aces terrific neat, neato bitchin' nifty mad brilliant fab bad hot cruisin' the max the cat's pajamas the bee's knees great

Does the "vibe" that you get from the wedding vendor match your personality? Or does that matter to you? Are you unconventional and crave a wedding experience that lets your inner child loose, or is traditional or maybe just "Git 'er Done" just fine?


And I don't want to knock a more traditional approach! That is an entirely and perfectly fine way to approach a wedding ceremony.. somber and serious.


Only you know how important your wedding is to you and whether the feeling and tone of your wedding ceremony should be an experience that you'll always remember... and that the words you say that connect you to each other should be just as special.

Fun and Romantic Beach Wedding
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