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Micro Weddings!

Small simple weddings (less than 25 guests but better with even less) and often referred to as elopements, but a new term is beginning to emerge in the wedding phraseology universe…. Micro Wedding. It’s a tiny wedding, a fun wedding, a low stress and carefree wedding experience that tosses out the rule book .  You can still have photography, a beautiful wedding album, music, basically whatever your heart desires.

Loving Couple

A micro wedding is actually a real thing all by itself… its a mashup of a regular wedding and an elopement, and it’s not centered on the traditional and the obligatory and required stuff that the traditional wedding pressures you to conform to! The ceremony can be fun and romantic and relaxed and intimate, and you can do and say silly or romantic or personal things that get you twitterpated and set a mood. You can wear casual attire, or even something bohemian, fun or zany or colorful or many decide to keep it formal and traditional. Your location can be off the beaten track, or a venue that you love. With a very small guest list, it will only be your closest friends and favored family members who are already inside your space so you can relax and have fun.  You can let your “inner child” out of the cage, and the people marrying each will be their genuine selves and not a couple of uncomfortable performers!

Happy Couple

The words you say to each other on this day at that moment in time only happen once like this in your whole lives! They are the most important words you will ever say, and the most important promises you will ever make. Why let these words and feelings be anything other than the most you can make of them, real, genuine, romantic, fun (because laughter is a big part of love), and totally human.

Beach Wedding

We are micro wedding experts! Our more fun and relaxed style of officiating and photography is perfect for your tiny wedding! We’ve been performing this exact kind of wedding experience for over 20 years, with thousands of weddings all over the coastal Carolinas, from the OBX through Hilton Head, (while we lived in Myrtle Beach!), both coasts of Florida, and now here in Rhode Island as well.


We are very experienced at what we do! After all, you’ve got the love. So keep it simple!

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