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Fun and different ideas for ceremony options .. Chinese Finger Ceremony

Not wanting the plain brown wrapper, same ole thing "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here to put you to sleep" kind of experience?

The Chinese Finger Ceremony represents how couples are meant to be together.

The Chinese believe that all the fingers on the hand represent our relationships with our families and that they show by their very capabilities how partners in life are meant to remain together;

the thumb represents our parents

the index finger represents our siblings

the middle finger represents ourselves

the ring finger represents our spouse

the pinky finger represents our children

Here is how it works;  you put your palms together, not quite touching, and bend down your middle fingers (that represents yourself) so they are touching at the second knuckle. Then you put all the other finger tips together. You will find that you can separate all the finger tips except your spouse finger because your parents, siblings and children are meant to go from you in their lives. Only your spouse is meant to stay with you and, indeed, you cannot separate your ring fingers from each other when your hands are held this way. I had everyone join in as I was showing them what to do and explaining the symbolism as I went. There was a very powerful shared moment as all the guests came to realize this amazing symbol of love and commitment we each carry in our own hands.

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