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Fun and different ideas for ceremony options ... with some Dr. Seuss!

Updated: Apr 23

With some Dr. Suess themed rhyming this is a fun ceremony that will wake up your guests and get everyone in a lighthearted experience with some romantic wording in the mix!

I'll begin with "Greetings: Before we start this ceremony today, there is first something I have to say. We must be right, we must be clear, before these feelings disappear!​

​Let me make it clear why we’ve come here today. There’s two people in love who have something to say! This man and this woman have been talking a lot; their decision’s been made to now tie the knot. They want these witnesses to hear they’ve chosen this time- on this day- in this year. So we’ve gathered together to witness their vows, and join them in marriage as our law allows, because -- and the --have come a long way and not just in distance – to get here today.

As unique as a seashell, as deep as the sea- they have truly a love that’s meant to be! Soul-mates and best friends in the garden of life: they wish now to become husband and wife!"

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