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Small Romantic Wedding or an Elopement... what's the difference?

Updated: Apr 23

These days both are interchangeable, but in my mind an elopement is more spontaneous and less planned out. We especially love last minute weddings... we call them pop up weddings. Pick a spot, call a few friends, and off we go! No need to impress anyone, ignore the million-dollar wedding industry telling you what to do, maybe find some outlandishly cool bit of clothing on Etsy that doesn't comply with a single rule, and carpe diem! We have had couples make their wedding rings out of garbage bag twisties. Wear a cumber bund with a bowling shirt. Vintage fur wraps, Viking helmets, parrot head hats, pirate outfits, buxom maiden dresses, suit jackets with shorts, bathing suits and bikinis, bunny rabbit house slippers, Tarzan and Jane attire, Royal crowns and tiaras, bowler hats, cowboy hats, biker outfits, and I'm sure there were more! Let that inner child out and set yourself free!

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